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For work reasons, I will be living in another city for most of the next six months. I won’t take my SAGA stuff with me, so gaming opportunities will be reduced greatly. I still hope that we will get a few games in when I am at home, so we can at least continue the campaign.

However, as my SAGA project is by and large finished (apart from the motte & bailey castle, but that I will tackle when I have more time), I decided to take my paints and brushes along and start a new project. But what?

I have heard lots of good stuff about Too Fat Lardies and would really like to try one of their rulesets. Unfortunately, the periods they offer don’t really interest me. In the course of researching my SAGA armies, I read a couple of books on medieval warfare and became increasingly fascinated by the period. So periodwise, I would like to stay there. Also, I want to stick with 15mm and skirmish level gaming.

Imagine my excitement when I discovered the Wars of the Roses game done by Silverwhistle, who adapted TFL’s Sharp Practice rules for some shakespearian rumble. I was immediately hooked! I have been fascinated by the Wars of the Roses since I was a teenager and remember drooling over a copy of the boardgame Kingmaker at the local games store (I never bought it because my gaming group wasn’t interested).

Soon coming to this tabletop...
Soon coming to this tabletop…

So now I had a bearing. I went over to the TFL web site to get the rules and the 2013 Summer Special, which contains the WotR adaptations. The scenarios there also served as a basis for putting together army lists for the Lancastrians and the Yorkists. After browsing the offers of figure companies, I decided that the bulk of the models would be provided by Peter Pig, reenforced by some Black Hat and Essex. This should give me a good starter force for basic scenarios. However, as I won’t have much opportunity to play in the next couple of months, I am in no hurry and will paint at a leasurly pace.

So, what does all that mean for the blog? There will certainly be fewer battle reports, but I still hope we will get a SAGA campaign game in now and then. To keep the blog going regularly, I will also post other wargames related stuff – maybe progress reports on the painting (if I make progress!), product reviews and general musings. I hope you will bear with me and drop by!


3 thoughts on “Plans & Projects

  1. Natholeon October 13, 2013 / 3:03 am

    Great blog. I enjoyed reading about your SAGA campaign. I’ve only managed one game so far, but really enjoyed it and I’m working through my Anglo-Danes and Normans at the moment.
    Just wanted to say that I’m contemplating Wars of the Roses on the not too distant horizon too, but the plan is to use SAGA for it. There is a fan made battle board available in the SAGA forums of studio tomahawk if you’re interested.

    • cptshandy October 13, 2013 / 3:09 pm

      Thanks Nate! I like SAGA, but for the Wars of the Roses I want to try something different, maybe a bit more narrative – and what I’ve heard of the TFL rules, they sound right up my alley.

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