Storage Solutions

As I have already mentioned on several occasions, we live in a rather small city appartment. This means space is severly limited – not only gaming space, but even more so storage space. So, finding a good solution for the storage of terrain and figures is paramount.

For the terrain, I have only succeeded partially: Most of the stuff is kept in cardboard boxes of all colours and sizes. I try to use them in the most efficient way, which however means that often, things that are not related thematically are packed into the same container. You can imagine that it makes findings things hard, and even worse, it leads us to forget certain pieces of terrain when thinking about which feature to use for a game. But for the time being, there is no way around the hodgepodge of these boxes.

For the figures, I was more sucessful. My 28mm pirates are stored in foam compartements which are housed in yet other boxes. However, as I don’t have that many 28mm models, two of them have been sufficient so far. The foam itself is efficiently compartmentalised and keeps them safe.

When I started with 15mm figures, things got more complicated. Most of the foam trays are either made for 28mm or for multi-based figures. I couldn’t find any that would cater for 15mm models based individually on 15mm washers. For transporting the figures, I have finally purchased a case from Figures in Comfort which, while not perfect, should work to get at least enough of my WotR army from my paiting table back home to play a first game of Sharp Practice during Christmas holidays.

But where to store them at home? Fortunately, I came across a product made by Sally 4th. It’s called Warchest and is an MDF box which can be outfitted with a magnetic inlay. The boxes come in several heights, and Sally 4th also offer different inlays.

A boxful of SAGA.
A boxful of SAGA.

For my purposes, the 35mm high boxes are sufficient for infantry and the 52.5mm high box for cavalry. As my washers are made of ferrous material, the magnetic inlay provides them with a safe stand as long as the box isn’t shaken to wildly. It probably would be safe enough to transport the miniatures with a car, but I won’t put them into my suitcase for a train journey (that’s why I got the foam case).

The boxes arrive in parts and have to be assembled, which is easily done with a some PVA glue. They look very nice and are not too large, so they can be put into standard size cupboards or drawers. They are made so as to stack, and the lid can serve as a tray to get your figures onto the table. I have even thought about glueing felt into it and using it as a dice tray. Recently, I have also pondered about using the boxes to store terrain, especially smaller items, as they can be much more easily stacked than my cardboard boxes.

And one more thing: The customer service of Sally 4th is perfect and one of the best I have experience so far! So, if you are looking for a simple and easy storage solution, I can highly recommend the product.

Two differently sized boxes stacked.
The boxes stacked.

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