Redvectors 15mm Science Fiction Buildings

The ‘MDF revolution’ has been going on for some while now and many companies sprung up that offer buildings for all kinds of scales and periods. Until now, most of them didn’t really catch my eye – I tend to find them too flat and rectangular, looking almost like cardboard houses.

However, with the new sci fi project, I had a fresh look at 15mm MDF stuff – after all, rectangular structures could work well for space colony habitats. To my surprise, I discovered some real gems! I want to present one of those in this blog entry, there will be another one featuring products from another manufacturer in the near future.

I first discovered the buildings by Redvectors, a small UK based producer, in a thread at TMP, where a guy called Kierto showed images of his future west gun shop. The whole thing has incredible detail, but what especially caught my eye was the shell, which he stated was produced by Redvectors. I popped over to their webpage but couldn’t find any information on their products, so I wrote a short email to the owner. I swiftly got a very nice answer from Mick, who sent some images of his sci fi buildings as well as a price list.

Redvectors 15mm sci fi buildings.
Redvectors 15mm sci fi buildings.
2-storey garage/workshop.
2-storey garage/workshop.

I was very pleasantly surprised when I got my order (two of the small and one of the larger ones) and started to assemble it. The way the parts fit together is ingenious! On the technical side, they are they cut very precise, so no sanding is required, and their construction gives them great stability. On the aesthetic side, the parts are designed and produced in a way that, upon fitting together, the buildings looks much less like a box – which is the usual effect of MDF buildings – and much more like a nifty curvy futuristic structure.

Putting together the walls.
Putting together the walls.
Walls assembled and floor inserted. You can see the nooks for the roof.
Walls assembled and floor inserted. You can see the nooks for the roof.

The roof can be lifted, which opens up the possibility of embellishing the interior, as Kiero has done. I’ve decided against this, as we probably wont use the inside too often.

Painting wise, I also kept it simple. Unfortunately, I forgot to prime the whole thing with thinned down PVA glue, but the paint did stick nevertheless – perhaps it might have looked a tad smoother with an undercoat of glue… I also went very light on the weathering, as I wanted them to look like rather new structures, the pride of a small colony settlement, perhaps housing the official’s family and an administrative office. In our background, they will in fact be Quar buildings – I think their round form lends itself to the aesthetics of those aliens.

The finished buildings.
The finished buildings.

I am very happy with the Redvectors buildings. Mick has done a great job with those structures and he also provides exemplary customer service. If you are interested in his MDF offers, just drop him an email to redvectors [at] virginmedia [dot] com.


3 thoughts on “Redvectors 15mm Science Fiction Buildings

  1. 40kterminatus May 17, 2014 / 1:20 pm

    Looking forward to seeing more of these 🙂

    • cptshandy May 17, 2014 / 1:48 pm

      Thanks! Next will be in a couple of weeks, I guess… have to paint the stuff first 🙂

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