Sci-Fi Painting & Building

Playtesting our sci-fi rules has given me the incentive to paint up some of the stuff I had started a while ago but never finished… Also, I needed a change from painting medieval Spanish figures; I’ve finished more than a hundred of the guys in the last months.

The first thing I painted was a leftover from my Mad Mecha Guy order. It’s one of his polygonal shelters, a shop I think, but I decided to make it into a bar. The letters are from the local craft store and are usually used for making bracelets. As with the green houses, I glued transparent plastic into the windows – this time, I used a blue one.


I had started the next building some time ago. It is supposed to be a terminal for the spaceport – I have also started to scratch build a spaceship… Basically, it is an electrical box with an entrance area made out of plasticard and some bits glued on. The windows are from The Scene, the doors are from Antenocitis Workshop. I thought about adding small tables and stools on the roof terrace, but I couldn’t find any that fit style-wise – model railroad furniture doesn’t look very sci-fi (and is much to expensive at that).



Next up were some vehicles: First, a stylish hover car from Antenocitis Workshop. I decided to give it a metallic look and a cover of gloss varnish – perhaps it’s the car of some colony administrator or a corporation executive.


Second, a tank from Darkest Star Games. I got it by pledging on a Kickstarter. This was the only miniatures-related Kickstarter I have participated in until now and it was a very pleasant experience. Normally, I don’t like sci-fi tanks as they look too much like real-world tanks to me, but I really liked the design of this one. It perfectly fits with the aquatic aesthetics of K.’s forces, so I gave it the TCO vehicle colour scheme.


Last, I started a new building. K. found this tupperware container at the local charity shop and immediately recognised its potential! The windows are from one of the ‘flat packs’ CorSec Engineering offer, which are great value for money and very useful if you want to put windows or doors on curved surfaces.


So, that’s it for the moment! I’m looking forward to putting the new stuff into action pretty soon, as we have another play test of Wandering Star scheduled.

Oh, and before I forget: The friendly alien photobombing the pictures is from!


2 thoughts on “Sci-Fi Painting & Building

  1. Phil October 30, 2014 / 9:39 am

    Nice job, love the first building!

    • cptshandy October 30, 2014 / 10:55 am

      Thanks Phil!

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