Weapons Delivery – Sharp Practice AAR

It seems that I’m on a journey through history with TooFatLardies: After visiting the Dark Ages with Dux Britanniarum, Sigur Skwarl, Virago and me headed to the 1790s for a game of Sharp Practice. We used my Haitian Revolution figures and rules amendments, so this was a slightly modified version of the rules. As Sigur and Virago already had experience with TFL rules, I kept explanations short and threw them into the scenario straightway.

Virago played the French, which had to get a cache of weapons from an American privateer’s landing party (historically, the Americans sold weapons to the insurgents). Sigur, commanding the British, had to stop them from retrieving the goods. The American sailors would carry the crates up the beach but would go no further. They would, however, defend themselves when attacked.


The French had a good start: They advanced at a brisk speed along the road towards the beach, the maroons darting through the jungle to cover their left flank. The British were a bit slower: While the regulars advanced steadily, the Big Man on the right flank refused to interrupt his study of the local flora and dawdled for several turns. This seems to have led to a neglect of discipline, as his men suddenly gave off a volley without apparent reason (Sigur drew the ‘Poor fire discipline’ random event card).

French on the march.
French on the march.
British forming a line.
British forming a line.

Having reached the crossroads, the British regulars formed a line. However, the French militia had occupied the small hill to the left of the road and also formed a line. Soon muskets were readied and the shooting began.

The shooting is about to start.
The shooting is about to start.

The French got off the first salvo, but Sigur rallied his men and payed back in kind. In fact, the British fire was withering, as Sigur rolled some incredible dice – I don’t think I’ve ever seen as many 6s in one place! All this noise seems to have aroused the Big Man on the British right flank, who led his Chasseurs forward to envelop the French line.

However, the shooting also covered the weapons transfer. The French managed to bring their cart up to where the Americans had lugged the crates. Off they went back to their table edge! Virago even managed to extricate the remainder of his men from the musketry duel and get them to retreat in relatively good order. Last attempts by the British to stop the insurgents were to no avail. A clear victory for Virago and his French!

This was a fun game and everyone seems to have enjoyed himself. Sigur’s dice rolling was incredible and led to heavy casualties on the French side. However, he didn’t have the resources to follow up with a charge, so in the end the French carried away their prize.

The ‘Tiffin’ card provided some frustrations, as it prevented the British right flank to get into position in time and thereby thwarted Sigur’s plan. Still, when comparing Dux Brit to Sharp Practice, I actually enjoy the uncertainties ‘Tiffin’ introduces: It makes the decisions of what to do with the Big Men much more significant.

P.S.: Sorry for the few (and bad) images, but my camera ran out of battery early in the game.

EDIT: Sigur has also published an AAR on the Warseer forum. It's very nice and provides a bit more details than mine - seems I forgot some of the heroic British deeds!

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