Flashing Steel once again!

Everything is better with pirates, and this is even truer for a rainy weekend. So, on a whim, we decided to break out the figures and have a go at Flashing Stee. Again we used our secret objective mechanics, with each of us drawing a slip with his or her objective on it. I got ‘Let’s teach them a lesson!’, which meant I had to take out at least two thirds of K.’s crew. What could K. have?

The set up.

I divided my crew into two groups, the stronger figures covering my left flank where the treasure was located. My two weakest guys were on the right flank, accompanied by my captain to keep the spirits up.

My left flank advances.



K.’s crew milled about the centre of the table, some of them moseying in direction of the treasure chest. I smelled something fishy and held my right flank behind so as to be able to react to any sudden move. Meanwhile, my left flankers were eager to start the fight.



However, one of K.’s men dawdled behind – a tempting target for my fierce pirate lady. She charged into melee and pretty soon had him cut to pieces.

K. suddenly changed tack and rushed her figures to my right flank. The cat was out of the bag! She intended to break through my lines and get at least half of her crewmembers over my table edge.

I was glad I had kept my right flank in reserve and tried to pin her figures by moving into melee. As those were the weakest of my crewmembers, it was paramount to move the rest of my guys over as fast as possible.

Melee commences.

What followed were a series of melees where K.’s, instead of killing my guys off, moved away as soon as she had my figures brought to fall. This was, of course, good tactics to achieve her objective, but it also meant that my guys could get up again and pursue her crew. However, K. was more successful and soon had most of her figures standing near the table edge.

K. assembling her troops, ready to move out.

She already had one out when, in the nick of time, I managed to move my stronger figures over and again pinned her crewmembers. Desperate swordfights followed, with three of my guys trying – and in the end managing – to bring down Kaballah the Koloss, the single strongest figure in melee. Movie-style, my captain even exchanged blows with K.’s captain!

The showdown.

K. was desperate to get away and decided on a high risk move: She would move out of melee on her turn, which meant I got a free attack against each of her fleeing figures. But as so often in Flashing Steel, fortune favoured the bold! Dodging the swords of my guys, her figures darted out of melee and over the table edge. My crew was left standing and glancing into the sunset…

Noooo, they’re gone!

Victory for K. and her bold pirates!

Now that was fun! It was also a good reminder of how great a game Flashing Steel delivers – we definitely want to play it more often.

3 thoughts on “Flashing Steel once again!

  1. Mikko February 26, 2016 / 12:29 pm

    Excellent, seems you had a good time! I have the Flashing Steel ruleset, but have yet to play a game. Obviously will need to do it soon!

    • cptshandy February 26, 2016 / 2:22 pm

      Thanks! FS is great fun and can easily be expanded by using special rules from other Ganesha Games rulesets – I’ve made an occultist pirate warband using some fantasy special rules.

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