Sharp Practice 2 is coming!

Some of you might already have heard that TooFatLardies have announced a second edition of their Sharp Practice rules. As those are my favourite set of rules, I’m pretty excited. From what I’ve read on their blog and heard on the Meeples & Miniatures podcast, this will be a real treat: It sounds like they kept everything we love about the game – the card activation of leaders, the Tiffin card, the shock points mechanic, the scenario-driven game – but improved the things that were a bit cumbersome.


Richard Clarke has also published a blog article on force composition for the game. It looks like there will be a couple of more figures involved than I’ve used until now, so I took the opportunity to make a review of my ACW troops and see what I still need.


This doesn’t look too bad. On the Union side (left to the tea tray), you can see two units of sailors on the left, followed by one of marines, one of skirmishers and then four units of the 2nd South Carolina Volunteer Infantry, the African-American regiment involved in the Combahee River raid. There’s also a gun with crew and a group of cavalry.

On the Confederate side (in the foreground), I’ve got two groups of cavalry, flanked by some Native American skirmishers and followed by another group of skirmishers and three groups of regulars. The rebels also have a limber for their gun.

I’ll definitely need some more Confederate regulars and I’ll probably want one more unit of the 2nd South Carolina, as well as some skirmishers.

Sharp Practice 2 will also have interesting support options, such as wagons, mule trains, engineers etc. I’ve already got two covered wagons lying around, which are next in my painting queue. At the moment, I’m painting some Freikoprs15 engineers, so I’ll be sorted with those.

Another exciting thing about the new rules is that there are deployment points somewhat similar to the jump off points in Chain of Command. Those offer great opportunities to make small vignettes, so I’ll be sorting through my figures to find something fitting – let’s see what turns up!

As soon as I’ve got the ACW stuff sorted, I’ll see what it needs to get my other Sharp Practice projects up to date. The Haitian Revolution shouldn’t be too much of a problem – there’ll probably be some more figures to paint, but I’m confident that the lead pile will provide for those. The Wars of the Roses might be more complicated, as I’ll have to see how the rules modifications work with the new system. However, I’d really like to make it work, as this was what started my love of Sharp Practice (and Lardies rules in general).

Sharp Practice 2 is scheduled to come out on 23 April – let’s hope everything goes well and we’ll have a game soon!


3 thoughts on “Sharp Practice 2 is coming!

  1. Michael Peterson April 2, 2016 / 9:15 pm

    I listened to the M&M podcast as well and enjoyed RC’s discussion of the evolution of SP and the ideas behind it. I bought the Terrible Sharpe Sword supplement for SP when it came out and am curious to revisit the ACW using SP. Looking forward to seeing your project develop, you have picked a most interesting scenario.

  2. dave2718 April 4, 2016 / 1:22 pm

    I’m one of many that is also looking forward to a new edition of SP. Have you seen a pretty active facebook group has also started around the new rules (for those into that sort of thing)?

  3. mellis1644 April 4, 2016 / 3:35 pm

    It does look interesting. Might get my French Indian wars figs on the table for this.

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