On the Painting Table

I’ve recently realised that it’s almost a year since I started painting 15mm ACW figures – and I’m still going! If anything, playing Sharp Practice 2 has motivated me even more to add to my forces. Fortunately, there’s enough in the lead pile to keep me occupied for a while.


On the painting table (or better, in the painting tray, as I’ve got no permanent working space) you can see a group of six dismounted Union cavalrymen by Peter Pig which are still waiting to be primed. There is also a wagon I got from QRF/Freikorps15s – those are a mixed bunch quality wise, their ACW range is quite good and very extensive, while other figures are rather mediocre, such as the mules that came with the wagon. Anyway, I’ve got two of those and they will make nice ammunitions wagons or objectives for Sharp Practice.

In the foreground, you may be surprised to spot three bases of Dwarves. Some time back, Virago and Sigur persuaded me to start a small fantasy project, as they wanted to play a campaign using the old GW classic Mighty Empires. Despite me nagging for 15mm, they insisted on 10mm, as they both had armies in that size. So I ordered a bunch of Pendraken dwarves and started painting them.

However, I soon realised that I didn’t enjoy this at all. For some reason, those sculpts didn’t go with my painting style, as they have a lot of undercut and nooks where I find it difficult to get paint in. So I put them into a box and would have forgotten about them, were it not for the occasional nagging by Sigur and Virago.


Last week, I spontaneously decided to give them another try, as I don’t like to have unfinished projects lying around (yeah, right…). It hadn’t become easier, but I decided to stuff it – better a quick and dirty paintjob than none at all.

Well, nine bases are now finished and I’ll paint another three or four (command, mages and some fun special stuff like yetis and the inevitable gyrocopter) and then we’ll hopefully have a go at the campaign. The guys suggested Hordes of the Things as rules, which sounds fine to me.


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