Another Game of Star Wars: Armada

Virago has recently finished (re)painting another bunch of Star Wars: Armada ships, so we met at his place for a second game. This time, he himself took the Imperials against the Rebels, which were played by me.

Admiral Virago.

This was a much larger game than the last: Virago plunked all of his ships on the table and then compensated the points difference with squadrons of fighters. He ended up with one Victory Class Star Destroyer, a Gladiator Star Destroyer and a Raider Corvette. I had an Assault Frigate Mark II, two CR90 Corvettes and a Nebulon-B Escort Frigate. Additionally, we both had a couple of squadrons of fighters and bombers.

I tried to get my fleet in position to hit Virago’s big ships in the flank and to bring the broadside of my Assault Frigate to bear. One of my Corvettes was positioned on the far left – I intended to speed up and try to sneak behind the Star Destroyer, hitting it where it was vulnerable.


The first turns saw Virago’s ships cautiously advancing while I sped up my nimbler ships. The fighters were closing in and soon dogfights started. Like last time, I had difficulties countering the TIE swarms and didn’t manage to bring my bombers through.


Soon, my ships closed in on the Gladiator and managed to bring it down after a while. However, meanwhile the Star Destroyer had approached and due to clumsy manoeuvring, one of my Corvettes ended up right in front of its bow! Well, that was that for the little guy.


I also lost my Escort Frigate but managed to bring my other Corvette behind the Star Destroyer. It did some damage, as did the Assault Frigate, but frantic manoeuvring brought the Star Destroyer out of the Assault Frigate’s range. Also, I had more or less ignored the Raider, which was beginning to harass me. Having lost the dogfights, the bombers also started to deal out damage to my big ships.


In the end, I conceded defeat – it had gotten pretty late and things now looked really bad for the Rebels. Victory to Virago and his Imperial Henchmen!

Smug Imperials.

I really like Armada. Playing it, you really feel like commanding a fleet of capital ships. I still don’t have any idea how to use the fighters and tend to ignore them in favour of the ships – maybe I should have tried to get our mate Sigur ‘Goose’ Skwarl to command the fighters! It was also a very long game: Big ships duking it out takes a while, and the amount of tactical decisions, which is far greater than with X-Wing, means that we sometimes had to stop and ponder. Anyway, another great game and a fun evening!


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