On the Painting Table

Work has been quite busy lately, so there is not much on the painting table at the moment.


What you can see here is a group of eight guys for my Mississippi Marine Brigade project. The figures are Minifigs Mexican-American War, but they will do for my purposes.

Also, I managed to finish a couple of 28mm Mexicans. The reason for this is that this weekend, we’ll have an outdoor tabletop gaming event with some friends. We will have a couple of board games, but the centerpiece will be my Mexican Revolution table – I’m planning on a scenario involving six players, which should be fun!


The Mexican bandits are from Artizan, except for the rightmost one, who is from Pulp Figures. The little guys in the foreground are some more 15mm ACW – an officer for the MMB, a Confederate bugler and a guerilla.

To have some more terrain, I also built and painted two MDF oil wells from ttcombat. They are somewhat simplistic, but cheap and easy to assemble.


My painting highlight however were those two guys:

pic4Those heroes of my childhood have recently been released in 28mm by the German manufacturer Stronghold Terrain. Bud Spencer and Terrence Hill are very popular in Germany and Austria. When I was a child, no weekend passed without one of their movies being on TV. I’m looking forward to using them in our big game – and I’ll make sure to give them hefty bonus for close combat!


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