What Makes a Game Perfect?

I’ve just discovered this remark on a blog called Here’s no great matter and wanted to share it here, as it captivates pretty much what I think perfection in a wargame is:

“I think I’d see it [i.e. perfection] in those moments within games when all is balance, excitement and potential, in those times when something echoes history so keenly it jolts us, when the satisfaction of a plan well made, a move well executed, or the observation of a brilliant, mournful, heroic, tragic tabletop action fills us with a childish delight in play allied to an adult awareness that this world we create, this little space that is ours, where this cinematic, dramatic need to enact stories on our tabletops is fulfilled is – in its very fragility, in its practical uselessness, in its capacity to lift our spirits, to reveal aspects of ourselves to ourselves and to heal the little wounds of the long day – something that is worth doing, worth recording and perhaps even worth a little celebrating.”

The Raft takes a short break for holidays and will be back on 20 August.


One thought on “What Makes a Game Perfect?

  1. palus31 August 15, 2016 / 5:58 pm

    biggest question but the answer of Aaron really captures the essence of wargames at larges !

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