Over the Hills…

As far as I know, Games Workshop (back in the day when they still used the Citadel brand) has produced three pieces of terrain that are useful even if you are not playing one of their games. There is the Gaming Mat, a large grass mat that goes for crazy prices on ebay. Going for even crazier prices is the Realm of Battle Gameboard which was recently used by Richard Clarke to great effect (after he covered the silly skull pits). And then there is the Modular Hill.

I’ve wanted a large modular hill for some time now and although there are some good tutorials for making one, I wasn’t sure they would work for me. Maybe I was just lazy. Fortuntately, I managed to get two of the Citadel hills for a very reasonable price.

This is how they looked when they arrived. One pair was painted and flocked, the other was completly untouched. Naturally, I wanted them to fit in with my terrain, so I soaked the flocked one in warm water and rubbed the flock off with a brush. This worked ok, albeit not perfectly – I couldn’t get the layer of glue off. Nevermind! All four parts were then primed and painted in the colours I normally use for terrain: beige brown with a greyish drybrush for the ground and several shades of grey for the rocks.

This is how the hill looks now:


Although made for 28mm, it works very well with 15mm figures. And for my small table, it is really massive: If put together, the hill is 80cm long and 40cm wide. As my gaming mat is 80cm x 100cm, it can be used to block the whole table. It can also be taken apart and used to make two ridges at the edge of the table, so one could play a holding action in a valley. Or one ridge and a hill protruding into the center of the table. As you can see, I really like the possibilities.

I’ve already found scenarios in the Grant volumes and in Neil Thomas’ book for which this hill will come in handy. Looking forward to trying it out!

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