A New Blog

I’ve been very lazy with blogging lately, but I had quite a number of games. You can find AARs for two of them on a new blog:

Bildschirmfoto 2019-08-02 um 20.17.58

Tabletop Stories was created by my mates Virago and Sigur. Sigur is posting some old articles of his which hitherto had been hosted on the now defunct Skirmish Wargaming site. He also posted two AARs of games with me, namely


The blog also contains other AARs and reviews of rules. Sigur spares no efforts, as all of his articles are available in English and in German – just click the tiny flags in the upper left corner. Be sure to check Tabletop Stories out and to add it to your blog reader!

5 thoughts on “A New Blog

  1. Part Time Log August 10, 2019 / 10:09 am

    Hum, what is an AAR actually ?

    • cptshandy August 10, 2019 / 11:36 am

      It‘s nerdspeak for After Action Report 🙂

  2. Richard Hubbard August 11, 2019 / 5:43 pm

    Glad to see, one way or another, that you and your friends are “still in business” ; cos I enjoy your AAR’s and blogs!👍

    • cptshandy August 13, 2019 / 10:14 am

      Thanks Richard, I want to blog more frequently again, let‘s hope I succeed!

    • Richard Hubbard August 13, 2019 / 10:18 am

      Of course you’ll succeed! You’re a positive person, so I’m sure we’ll all soon be reading all sorts of blog posts – good luck!👍😊

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