Tanit’s Talons – Ambush

Nehden Sho, still recovering from her injuries, had heared from one of her old contacts that NovaGen was moving a sample of the asteroid which seemed to be behind the alien invasion (see mission 2) to another research location. To avoid suspicion, they were transporting it in an inconspicuous convoy of civilian vehicles. Sho had sent everything she knew about this operation to Maj. Tanit, hoping that Tanit would take the hint, recover the sample and thereby regain Maghus Sho’s favour.

Maj. Tanit was hesitant, as this was another costly operation without immediate profit, but she sensed long-term benefits. She wanted to keep the whole operation small, though, so she tasked Lt. Leekon to plan and lead the ambush on the convoy personally. Meanwhile, she would take a larger force to fulfill the government contract to rescue civilians.

Leekon took Sgt. Delxen, Fire Team Able and a Gauss Gun Team in the Mule, the Talon’s small APC. They hid the vehicle in the brushes while setting up an ambush in a hilly and wooded section of the road.

The convoy was led by a jet bike, which stopped as soon as its rider discovered a tree blocking the path. The other cars also stopped. As a security team disembarked, the Talons opened fire and all hell broke lose.

The security guys offered little resistance and were easily pinned down. The jet bike turned and attacked the Talon’s flank, but was kept in check by two of Fire Team Able’s members.

The most dangerous person was a woman disembarking from the leading hover car. She looked like she knew what she was doing and took out Sgt. Delxen, making it possible for the security guys to safely hide behind the cars. However, she was in turn taken out by Leekon. 

The rest of the security personnel was then taken care of by the Fire Team and the Gauss Gunners from their commanding position on the cliff.

Leekon knew that enemy reinforcements were on the way, so he quickly redeployed the Fire Team to cover the road while he himself ran towards the truck. He quickly found the meteorite sample between the boxes. The Mule had left its cover and was racing to meet the Talons as suddenly an enemy APC approached from the west. Fortunately, the Talons were in position and took it under heavy fire. Shots from the Gauss Gun damaged the vehicle’s drive system and shots from the Fire Team made the disembarking NovaGen goons run for cover.

The guys exiting on the APC’s right side took cover behind a hill, but were taken out after a short and sharp engagement with the Fire Team. The two goons exiting on the APC’s left ran to a wooded hill. Brave Lt. Leekon left the cover of the hover van and with two precise shots form his old service pistols took them both out. This really was Leekon’s day!

When the Mule drew up besides the hover truck, all enemy opposition had been disposed off. The Talons quickly loaded the sample into their APC, then embarked and drove off.

Lt. Leekon was content. His mission was a success, despite Sgt. Delxen being wounded. There was only one nagging thought in the back of his head: Who was the mysterious woman in the red jumpuit who seemed to be in command of the NovaGen forces?

For those interested in the miniatures, a quick note on the vehicles I used for this scenario: The jet bike is from The Scene, the hovercar and the hovervan are from Ravenstar Studios, the hover truck and the hover APC are from Brigade Models and the Talon’s wheeled APC is from Khurasan.

8 thoughts on “Tanit’s Talons – Ambush

  1. Pete S/ SP December 2, 2020 / 2:09 am

    That is a great looking game.



  2. Alfred Potts December 3, 2020 / 12:29 pm

    Well done Lt Leekon! A much more successful mission this time!

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