Tanit’s Talons – Another Rescue Mission

While Lt. Leekon was off on his ambush mission, Maj. Tanit finally decided to take on the government contract and rescue some civilians from Cardea Vc. The evacuation area was a shantytown at the fringes of a gated community. The people living in the fancy skyscrapers had already been evacuated, so the Talons were there to rescue the denizens of the shantytown.

Maj. Tanit took a full complement: FTs Bandit and Cyla, Scout Team Zephyr, Sgt. Chuva, Sgt. Roniac (a newly minted NCO) and a flamer for support. Again, she led the operation personally.

When the Talons entered the area, there was no sign of survivors. The town was overgrown with alien brambles and motion detectors showed signs of movement. Sgt. Roniac climbed on the roof of a shack to get a better view of the situation. What he saw did not make him happy.

And indeed, soon swarms of ghastly alien creatures rushed towards the Talons and the shooting started. The creatures concentrated on the Talons’ right flank, where Fire Team Bandit took casualties.

Tanit and Ade ran over to stabilise the situation, while the Raptors and the Quar advanced up the main street. They found some survivors and led them into the street, but then left them standing to outflank the aliens attacking the right flank.

Unfortunately, more of the aliens suddenly appeared in the Talons’ back and managed to breach the perimeter, eating the poor civilians in the process.

At least the right flank was finally stabilised, with the Major personally fighting an alien beast in hand-to-hand combat.

Meanwhile, Sgt. Chuva sneaked forward to a warehouse, where she discovered another group of survivors. She also decided to call the drop ship, which arrived immediately – the pilot seems to have circled the area and already seen that things were difficult. When Chuva led the civlians to the landing zone, a large group of aliens suddenly appeared in nearby brushwork. This did not look good for the poor sods!

“Run for your lives!”, Chuva shouted to the hapless civilians as she blocked the way for the beasts. In ferocious hand-to-hand combat, she fought off scores of the aliens before succumbing to the onslaught. All of the civilians, however, made it to the safety of the drop ship.

As the right flank was clear, Sgt. Roniac rushed forward to search another hut, and lo and behold! the last group of survivors was huddled in there. He led them back to the drop ship, covered by the Quar and Tanit & Ade. As soon as all were aboard, the ship launched into the sky.

Upon return to base, Maj. Tanit took stock. The mission was a qualified success: Three civilians out of 14 did not make it, but the rest was safe and sound. However, the Talons took heavy casualties: Scout Team Zephyr (the raptors) was more or less wiped out and would have to be re-recruited. Fire Team Bandit was also crippled and would have to pass on the next misison. Also, Sgt. Chuva took heavy wounds and would have to spend some time in sick bay. She was already sent a big basket of fruit by the thankful civilians she saved with her sacrifice.

Good news however came from Lt. Leekon, who had already reestablished contact with Marghus Sho and sent him the asteroid sample. Perhaps they could do some light work for Sho, so as to give the larger part of the Talon rank-and-file time for some well-deserved R&R.

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