List of Figures in 15mm and 28mm

Logo_smallThe following list is based on cursory research and will hopefully grow! If you come across anything that might fit, drop me an email at tbrand [at] monochrom [dot] at. I have restricted myself to historical (and historical-ish) figures and not included fantasy miniatures, of which there are plenty but which more often than not have a rather unplausible outfit. Also, I have only included 15mm and 28mm figures as those are the ones I am most familiar with. If you find anything in another size or scale, please also drop me an email.

For a very nice and comprehensive selection of female 28mm miniatures that also includes fantasy, sci fi and pulp, visit the BadSquiddoGames Webstore.

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…and with that, here comes the list:

15mm Figures


Corvus Belli

Queen Boudicca in Chariot


Slave Revolt Armed Women

Falcon Figures

Female Skythian Horse Archers

Highlander Studios

Female Gladiator (Dimachaerus)

Mick Yarrow Miniatures

Female Gladiators

Trey Corbies

Warrior Women of Erin

Viking Forge

Sarmatian Female Cavalry

Warmodelling Miniatures

Queen Boudicca in Chariot


Scythian Warrior Women

Scythian Female Cavalry

Idanthyrsus Personality Pack (includes female archer)




Joan of Arc

Margaret of Anjou

Gallia Miniatures

– 15LG1 Joan of Arc

Peter Pig

Female Vikings


18th/19th century

Gallia Miniatures

AF4 Woman Loading Musket

Peter Pig

Pieces of Eight, Nr. 31. Female Pirate Officers

– Townswomen (Old West/ACW)

Mexican Women armed (Old West)


Napoleonic Spanish, 21NS Guerillas (contains one female guerrilla)

Napoleonic Russian, 35NR Female Partisans

Warmodelling Miniatures

CN-02- Agustina de Aragón

Irregular Miniatures

FZ148 Dahomey African Amazon lady warrior with musket


20th century

Peter Pig

WWI 82. Womens Battalion of Death

Spanish Civil War, Nr. 58. Female militia in overalls (mono)

Spanish Civil War, Nr. 59. Female militia in civilian dress

PBI (WWII), Nr. 568. French resistance females

PBI (WWII), Nr. 290. Russian Snipers (includes a female sniper)

28mm figures


Black Hat Miniatures

Female Gladiators

Eureka Miniatures

– Amazon ‘Traditional’ cavalry (in Scythian garb)

Amazon Archers

Foundry Miniatures

WG058 Wild Thracian Hill Women

CB013 Celtic Queen Boudicca Triumphant

Female Gladiators

Old Glory Miniatures

– Female Gladiators


Female Gladiators

Steve Barber Models

– Achillia (female gladiator)

Warlord Games

Female Celtic Warriors



1st Corps

Joan of Arc

Hussite Women with Polearms I

Hussite Women with Polearms II

Female hero (Samurai)

Bronze Age Miniatures

Female Vikings

Crusader Miniatures

Skirmishing Women and Children (Dark Ages)

Old Glory Miniatures

Female Samurai 1

Female Samurai 2

Perry Miniatures

MA14 Female Turcoman horse archers

Red Box Games

Ylvfriodr of Ulfrstadt (Viking)

Thunderbolt Mountain

Human Female Warrior


Early Modern

The Assault Group

Elizabeth I (with Robert Dudley and staff)


18th/19th century

Brigade Games

Spanish Rebel Woman with Musket

Dixon Miniatures

The Dahomey Wars 1892

Foundry Miniatures

DA066 African Warrior Women Bodyguards


FIN11A Dahomey Female Warrior Officer

FIN11B Dahomey Female Warrior Firing

FIN11C Dahomey Female Warrior Attacking With Sword

Old Glory Miniatures

Female Pirates

Female Cossacks

Perry Miniatures

ACW54 Female and young rioters

Redoubt Enterprises

diverse Spanish Guerrilla women


20th Century

1st Corps

WW234 Russian Female Snipers

Copplestone Castings

BC17 Bolshevik Heroines

Gringo 40s

Soldaderas (Mexican Revolutionaries)

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  1. Todd Duckett July 25, 2017 / 8:05 pm

    Empress Minatures 28mm Spanish Civil War Milicina and Command/LMG set,

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