Review: Campaign Games Miniatures

The bulk of my 18mm napoleonic figures is from a company I did not know before I started with the 1809 project, but which has rapidly become one of my favourites: Campaign Games Miniatures.

The company, which is run by Dermot Quigley and Marta Huercio, has actually been around for some time and is based in Barcelona. This is a huge boon for customers from the EU, as ordering from the UK has become an expensive nightmare since Brexit (at least in Austria). The customer service is most excellent and Dermot is a very nice person to deal with.

CGM produce their own range, but also stock several other ranges. Recently, they have become the European distributor for Xyston Miniatures. CGM’s own miniatures encompass napoleonics, ACW, World War II and Ancients (Gauls and Romans). I only have figures from their napoleonic range, so I can only talk about those.

The range is vast and comprises the Revolutionary Wars as well as the different stages of the Napoleonic Wars, with many nationalities present. I have French and Austrians.

As is standard for most companies, infantry comes in packs of 8 and cavalry in packs of 4, but they also make battalion packs of 12, 16, 24, 32, 36 figures including command figures and elites for infantry and 8 or 12 for cavalry. You can even ask for custom units sizes and composition of centre and flank and elites figures and command figures. As a regular Sharp Practice group consists of 8 figures, the standard pack size is perfect for me.

The figures themselves are very nice. Size-wise, they are on the 18mm side of things and perfectly compatible with AB figures. The sculpting style is a bit different and I actually prefer the CGM ones, but this is a matter of taste. The differences are small enough that they can be used within the same unit. One thing I like about CGM’s figures is that the metal is quite hard, so no broken off bayonets or wildly bent muskets. Also, the casting is very clean and there is no flash.

I’ve recently painted cavalry, so here are some figures from my collection:

Austrian Stipsicz Hussars.
French 13e Chasseurs à Cheval
French 7e Cuirassiers

And some Austrian Hungarian Infantry on the march:

For more and better images, go to the CGM homepage, where you will find painted examples of all their figures.

Dermot told me that the napoleonic range will be expanded with new figures: Neapolitans and more Prussians are already on the way, while Bavarians, Spanish and other French allies will follow. I’m especially interested in the Bavarians, as they would fit perfectly into the 1809 project.

Also, a medieval range will come during 2022, which might inspire me to go back to the Middle Ages, something I have been pondering recently… And when I told Dermot that I would love to see napoleonic civilians, he replied that they are “a real possibility”, so let’s keep fingers crossed.

Last but not least, CGM also produces metal (and other) bases. As I use magnetic sabot bases for my games, I need steel bases, so I’m very happy that I can now get them from within the EU.

I highly recommend Campaign Games Miniatures – have a look at their shop, they have a lot to offer.

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